FO Friday Semele!

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Semele is done! Finished! and Beautiful!



I used Indigodragonfly Merino Cashmere yarn in “Only the exact phrase I used was Don’t”. The beautiful yarn, combined with being knit on my new Signature circular needles made this a very fun knit.  The pattern looked a little intimidating with lots of different symbols but it actually knits up quite easily, where each row naturally flows from the one before it.

For more creative fun check out: Creative Friday, and Fibre Arts Friday.

I said NO Christmas Knitting!

I really need to listen to myself more. Seriously. But when reviewing my Christmas list I decided to make hats and mittens for my two youngest nieces. These ones look quite cute. And quick, which is good because one set needs to be mailed to Newfoundland. Of course that pattern only goes up to 12months so I will have enlarge it for my nieces who are a little bit older than that. (not much, and actually both are small maybe I won’t enlarge)

And when I told my friend who taught me to knit to talk me out of doing this, she instead said “hey, I have some great yarn that I won’t be using. You can have it.” I should have known that she is terrible at discouraging knitting.

Merino, Microfibre and Cashmere (and washable!)

I have started the mittens but I decided the gauge I was getting for the mittens was way too large and would freeze my poor nieces’ hands. So I will have to rip out (not far though.)

Meanwhile, you’d think with the looming mail deadline I’d be working on it. Instead (besides the obvious babbling on here) I am finishing the Girl’s jacket I am designing. At least that is what I am trying to do. In reality I am getting Lego from under the couch and making bagels for little boys.  And laundry.  (But there is always laundry)

FO Friday

Not knitting related but I have been completing some things.  I should have posted this last week but that would have involved being awake.  I’ve been working on that.

Here is the Darth Vader costume: I

Vader costume

It started with the Inner cape.  I thought I wouldn’t make one.  But it messed up the first outer cape in the shoulders.  It just didn’t fit right.  So I rounded the shoulders a bit but found it still didn’t work.  BUT THEN… Brilliance struck.  If I ripped out the shoulder rounding to make arm holes it made a great inner cape.  Tied with a belt it looked like something Jedi Anakin Skywalker would wear.  Perfect.

Then the chest piece.  Again I screwed up the shoulders.  (I seem to have a problem here.) But I fixed it up.  It is a costume for a 5yr old.  No need to get too carried away.  Then I made the Outer cape extra long and secured it with safety pins.  In the future I will use more buttons and clasps.  Velcro and safety pins do not hold up sufficiently well for 5 yr old boys.

And if you think I am crazy enough to send my 5yr old out, after dark, in a too long cape, and a mask, all in black. I’m not that crazy. I did add a huge glowing circle to his back and he carried a light sabre and had a glowing chest piece. I’m just mostly crazy.


Finished Object Friday – my shawl

FO Friday

As I have reported several times my friend Keri returned from a trip to Indigodragonfly with a skein of Twisty Tweed sock yarn.  I had intended to add it to my stash but the yarn demanded that I turn it into something immediately. In about a week and a half it became this:

Yes I did become obsessed

Without swatching, I automatically chose 4.5mm instead of the 4mm needles called for.  I knit tight so I figured this would be safe. (It was.) When I got to the end of the flower pattern, I found that I had lots of yarn left over. Since I like my shawls on the larger size I decided to add more. The flowers needed a trellis so I added a small yo k2tog border.


I then added three rows of stocking stitch and a few rows of garter stitch.  I then bound off using Jeny’s surprisingly stretchy bind off.

For those wondering about adding beads, it was rather easy – the hard part is finding a crochet hook that will fit through the eye of the beads. (Lettuce Knit in Toronto sells them.) Knitty has an article on how to add beads to your knitting.

More shawl goodness

FO Friday – Sock edition

FO Friday

It’s Friday morning, and, as usual, I’m in a rush. Funny how having 2 boys will do that to you. Fortunately F is sleeping and I’m going to let him go as long as possible. N simply doesn’t sleep.

But I’m pleased to announce I have a Finished Object to report. My Oh Shiny socks are finished.  Well they’ve been finished for a while since I have decided I am NOT going to rip out the toe.

Yummy socks

The lace pattern is a bit hard to see in pictures, it is a simple diamond pattern.  I think it adds a nice texture to the socks.

When I knit the socks this time, instead of using a plain stocking stitch cuff, I repeated the lace pattern at the cuff.  I like this variation more than the original design, but I should have made the cuff a little longer.  I do love them though.  The yarn is Indigodragonfly merino sock in “And then Buffy Staked Edward…The End”.  After knitting 3 socks (I did one as a demo.) I have a fair bit left over, they are short socks and I have little feet.

Here is one more look at the socks before I go. Don’t forget to head over to Tami’s Amisand check out more finished objects.  I see she has a gorgeous shawl on display today.


Finished Object Friday – Nate’s Hat

My little skeet

This week’s finished object is not a piece of knitting.  I did the knitting in the spring. Rather I have finally finished the pattern for Nate’s Hat. I have decided to offer this pattern for free.

This hat was designed for my younger son.  The blue was chosen for his eyes and the style for his mischievous and fun loving personality.

Fun in the sun. Or the cold.

The longer the tails, the better this hat looks.  It would also be quite fun with tails done in three different colours.  It is a fairly fast knit but there is  tricky part where the tails are separated where I strongly recommend you not be near small children.  Or anyone else who might annoy you. Other than that it is quick and easy.

Skills required:

  • knit in the round
  • ribbing
  • decreases (ssk and k2tog)
Also requires:
  • 2 stitch holders
  • 3 coilless safety pins (or do what I did and cut a pipe cleaner into three)
  • 3″X5″ file card (to make the tassels)
  • darning needle

Finished Object Friday

In a desperate attempt to have something to post here on Finished Object Friday I have knit another square.  It was hard getting a picture that I like of this square.  This pictures has funny shadows but the other pictures all show the colours as more muted than they are in real life.  For all those people concerned that the other square was lonely.  Don’t worry I have a bunch of them.  Many of them, but not all, can be seen in the header of this site.  The pattern calls for 20 (4X5)  squares but I am having such fun, and I want a good size blanket, that I might go for 30 (5X6) squares.

I probably won’t do a square next week because as soon as I can I’m going to cast on another pair of Oh Shiny (Ravelry link) socks.

Another Square!

FO Friday

Another common feature in knitting blogs is Finished Object Friday. I’m working on a man’s sweater, a lace shawl and a blanket.  I might never have anything to report with a project list like that!

On the bright side, both sleeves are finished on the sweater and I did complete the cable swatch for the main cable and I am pleased with it.  It only took about three tries!  And I have knit about half of the waist band.  So my plan for next week is to finish the first draft of the pattern.

I then planned on having a square of the blanket finished for tonight.  Somehow I managed to tangle the ball twice.  Good thing I like detangling and it is now ready to go.  It will be done soon.

And as I said Wednesday, I found the perfect yarn for the Girl’s Jacket I have swimming in my head.  I bought it … so I leave you with a picture of that yarn.