Susie Hoodie… Big and Beautiful


My parents are visiting me from Newfoundland (they are off to warmer climes for the winter as Newfoundland winters are, frankly, evil). Since they have been here I have been working on my Susie Hoodie in the glorious Vlads colourway from Miss Babs. I’ve got one cuff and almost to the elbow done of one sleeve. (A friend who knits LOTS of sweaters uses sleeves as gauge swatches… it seemed like a good idea).

(Really that paragraph was one thought in my head… and all related).

So mom is here and she is watching me knit this gorgeous sweater jacket and casually says: when you are done that, if I buy the yarn will you knit one for your sister’s birthday.  I laughed.  There are many problems with this request.

  • I am not a fast knitter and two sweater jackets (plus whatever else I am knitting) is not happening by May.
  • Susie Hoodie is from “More Big Girl Knits“. The sizes start at L and go up from there.  My sister is 5’2″ and has trouble topping 100lbs.
  • 2 full sweaters the same in a row does not suit my temperament. I like the fact my 6 yr old wears odd socks… no second sock syndrome when I knit for him.

So we compromised.  The sweater jacket will be for Christmas. It will not be Susie and, while my Mom would prefer red, we will most likely go with green since I suspect two red sweater jackets in a row is also too much for my temperament.

Now to find the perfect yarn.  My sister is sensitive to wool… I found one that is 75-25 wool/silk that I think will do.  I need to knit her a swatch to see if it bothers her. And then, after my jacket is done, and maybe after two or three other things are done, I’ll knit that for her. I must really love my sister.  Or my Mom. Or both.

4 thoughts on “Susie Hoodie… Big and Beautiful

  1. You are a saint. No way would I make an adult sized sweater for anyone else but my husband. And he hates sweaters, so I am safe! Can’t wait to see your sweater as it progresses.

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